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MityLite™ Mini-System Flashlight 1950C - Black

Discontinued - No Longer Available

#1950 MINI-SYSTEM Includes the MityliteŽ with batteries, spare lamp, Lite bender, two night vision disks (red and blue/green), spare o-ring and a stainless steel split ring. The container is a very stylish and attractive case that could be used for many applications and the contents are our hi-performance flashlight combined with interesting accessories. Unconditionally Guaranteed... forever.

#1900 Mitylite Flashlight is made of unbreakable space age hi-impact polycarbonate resin and is 4.5" (11.3 cm) in length. It's Laser Spot XenonŽ lamp module can cut through water, smoke, fog, and rain making it a perfect light source for all applications. The MityLiteŽ is compact, lightweight and equipped with a shirt clip, making it easy to fit into pockets, purses, tool kits, camera bags, or glove compartments. Accidental turn on and mechanical switch failure is eliminated because of the rotary on/off switch. The MityLiteŽ ATEX, FM, CSA and AUS approved and water resistant (not for diving applications). Unconditionally Guaranteed... forever.

SUBMERSIBLE to 500 Feet / LENGTH: 4-1/2" / CANDLE POWER: 4,000 CP Xenon Bulb / LUMENS: 3.8 / WEIGHT W/BATTERIES: 1.75 oz (50 gr) / BATTERIES: 2 Alkaline 'AAA' Cells / AMPS: 0.60 / VOLTS: 3.00 / WATTS: 1.80 / LAMP LIFE: 20 Hours / BATTERY BURN TIME: 2 Hours @ 50° F (10° C) /

APPROVALS: ATEX European Certificate, Category 3 (Zone II)

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